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The Chateau Bu-Sché
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Chateau Bu-Sché’s picturesque grounds are the perfect setting for banquets, corporate events, bridal or baby showers, and most notably, weddings. Our indoor wedding spaces are ideal for both ceremonies and receptions. Our romantic atriums feature glamorous chandeliers, silk drapes, and marble floors.  Our large glass wall fully opens for an outdoor ceremony letting in fresh air from outside while still covering the entire wedding with a beautiful white bellowed fabric canopy. Whether you are having a cocktail reception, or a plated dinner, the Chateau Bu-Sche’ is not just another ordinary dining hall. Our lavish buffets, remarkable gourmet cuisine, gorgeous and decadent sweet tables and delectable hors d’oeuvres are the signature of a truly unique wedding reception site. 

Chateau Bu-Sché also offers a beautiful outdoor ceremony space at the Creekside Gazebo, which is perfect for those who prefer to be close to nature. Featuring an 85-foot aisle, surrounded by lush gardens, our wedding ceremony Gazebo provides a true showcase of a bride’s beauty on her wedding day while guests enjoy the beauty under a sheltered atrium. Timeless memories can be photographed alongside our iconic bridge and river.

Whether you’re looking for a place to host your corporate event or a beautiful setting for your special day, Chateau Bu-Sché offers a venue like no other.

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  • Simple White Indoor Wedding Ceremony Space
  • Wedding reception chair decorations
  • Regal Palace Themed Wedding Venue
  • Chateau Bu-Sche Event Venue Building
  • Couple Saying Vows at Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Site
  • Bride and Groom Outdoor Wedding Venue Photography
  • Coral and Teal Wedding Ceremony Space Decorations
  • Red Wedding Venue Table Decorations
  • Bride and Groom in Chateau Bu-Sche's Lush Landscapes
  • Presidential indoor and outdoor wedding venue
  • Fireplace and seating for wedding ceremony guests
  • Steak, vegetable, and mashed potato dinner at The Haley Mansion
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  • Elegant Table Setting Displays for Wedding
  • Wedding Reception Buffet with Donuts and Coffee
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  • Tomato Caprese Hors D'oeuvres at Chateau Bu-Sche
  • Simple Wedding Ceremony Setting with White Flowers
  • Grand Piano for Live Music at Wedding Reception Hall
  • Bridge over river alongside wedding venue
  • Wedding Venue with Horse Drawn Carriage for Couple
  • Wedding reception tall table centerpieces
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  • Fruit and Cheese Buffet at Event Venue
  • Regal Wedding Venue in Chicagoland
  • Winter Wedding Venue in Chicago
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  • Game night event space in a banquet hall
  • Cheese Platter Appetizer Buffet at Chateau Bu-Sche
  • Chateau Bu-Sche's sweets table options
  • Strawberry cheesecake wedding dessert bar
  • wedding venue venue lemon dessert tray
  • Dessert Tray for Wedding Reception with assorted pastries
  • Fresh fruit tart tray at all-inclusive wedding
  • wedding insignia chocolate pretzels
  • Wedding reception hall burger bar food cart
  • White Castle for Wedding Reception
  • Taco Catering for Chicago Wedding
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  • Place Card Table at Wedding Venue
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  • Chateau Bu-Sche's Event Space
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  • White and Gold Reception Hall Table Setting
  • Tables and Dance Floor for Wedding Reception
  • Wedding ballroom lighting display
  • Wedding Reception Table Arrangement
  • Dinner setting and ballroom for weddings at Chateau Bu-Sche
  • Wedding Ceremony Space with Custom White Flower Arrangements
  • White Curtains in Indoor Wedding Ceremony Space
  • Local Wedding Reception Hall with Crystal Chandeliers
  • Bridal Table View at Wedding Reception Venue
  • Bridal party table in Chateau Bu-Sche ballroom
  • Wedding ceremony space with outdoor architecture
  • Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venue with Flower Arrangements
  • Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Bridal Party
  • Cake and cupcakes at all-inclusive wedding venue
  • Elegant Wedding Ceremony Space at Chateau Bu-Sche
  • Pizza Bar at Event Venue Wedding Reception
  • Chateau Bu-Sche's Wedding Venue Buffet
  • Reception Hall for Large Poker Party
  • Colorful Tree Scenery at Outdoor Wedding Venue
  • Entrance to Indoor Wedding Reception and Ceremony Space
  • Bride and groom at outdoor wedding venue
  • Manicured Event Venue Landscaping at Chateau Bu-Sche
  • Elegant Banquet Hall for Wedding Reception
  • Chateau Bu-Sche Banquet Hall Fountain
  • Rustic wedding venue sidewalk
  • Wedding ceremony space with outdoor architecture
  • Cobblestone bridge at Illinois wedding venue
  • River near Chateau Bu-Sche's event space
  • Wedding venue grounds
  • Garden Location for Wedding Ceremony
  • Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Space Staircase
  • Duck Family at Wedding Venue Fountain
  • Wedding Ceremony Space in the Woods
  • Picture Perfect Grounds at Chateau Bu-Sche
  • Iconic Chateau Bu-Sche Bridge and Manicured Landscape
  • The Chataeu Bu-Sche Banquets' Landscape
  • Flower Girl at outdoor Illinois wedding venue
  • Couple Photos for Wedding Day
  • Bride and Groom at Outdoor Wedding Reception
  • White Mansion Wedding Venue
  • Ham and Cheese Panini Wedding Reception Appetizers
  • Crab Cakes at Wedding Venue Reception
  • Entrance to Indoor Wedding Reception and Ceremony Space
  • Tall Flower Arrangements for Wedding Reception Tales
  • Tenderloin Bernesa Wedding Cocktail Reception Hors D'oeuvres
  • Spicy Chicken Satays for Cocktail Wedding Reception
  • Quesadillas for Wedding Reception Appetizers
  • Butlered Hors D'oeuvres at Wedding Reception
  • Hors D'oeuvres Tray at Chateau Bu-Sche
  • Event Venue Space in Chicagoland
  • Regal Palace Themed Wedding Venue
  • Winter Wedding Venue Photography Ideas
  • Iconic Chateau Bu-Sche Bridge and Manicured Landscape

Dramatic Wedding Venue With Beautiful Gardens In Chicago's South Suburbs